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Travel Magazine, January 2018

Friday, December 15, 2017 celebrates 1,000,000th poster sold to Japanese market celebrates 1,000,000th poster sold to the Japanese market. is not an ordinary posterphoto gallery or stock imagery portal, most of its images, taken by both professional and amateur photographers, have not been shot in prearranged setup but rather reflect on daily life happening around us. That’s what makes the user-generated poster marketing platform special. Posters based on images of daily life are increasingly popular in Asia, especially in Japan. Japanese customers love to decorate apartment walls with images of daily routine in the good old Europe.
The 1,000,000th poster sold to Japanese customer is “Spy Games: Brush Pass”, a reminder of Cold War movies and Le Carre spy thrillers. “Brush pass” is a spy tradecraft technique in which one clandestine operative passes a physical item to another operative. Click the image to buy the poster.
Spy Games: Brush Pass
Digital storytelling evolves into an art form itself, the process of bringing visual content to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Through a single repository of visual content, thanks to, content fuels the multichannel editorial needs. Images marketed through the’s platform are in demand for editorial photography, feeding a number media channels, among them travel magazineevent marketing sitepress release distribution portals, technology blogs and market research publishers. Next generation of content creators will combine text and visual content to create rich customer experience.
About is a publication and digital archive of, a media monitoring, marketing and PR channel facilitating spread of information, engagement and exposure to targeted audiences through creative digital storytelling.

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